Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo OP with my daughter

Sunday morning we went to church but before heading to church we stopped by Ralphs to grab some water for our Family and Friends BBQ after church. Me and my daughter stayed in the car as my husband went in to grab the water. Well my daughter loves to take pictures with me and by herself so I whooped out my phone and started snapping away. We took about 6 pictures before my husband showed up. Then we went to church and after church i took a couple of pictures of her in our church parking lot as she showed off to the ladies around us hahaha. She posed straight on looking at the camera with both hands on her hip and I snapped the picture. Then I told the ladies "watch this" and I told my daughter to do a different pose so she turned to her side with her hands still on her hip hahahaha. The ladies were laughing and I couldnt stop laughing either. later on that day we went to the park to watch my husband play some softball and while we waited for his game to start I couldnt help myself, and I started snapping more pictures! My daughter was loving it. I need to start looking to put her in commercials or magazines I swear. SHE WOULD LOVE IT! haha. She's a natural. By the ends of our day long photo session my daughter was cracking up and thats when I snapped my last picture of the day. I love my baby girl. She is my princess and brightens my day! They grow up so fast before your eyes. It saddens me to see how big she is now but then I can't wait till she gets older and we can go hang out and go shopping together! :). Every moment is a treasured moment and every photograph is worth a million words! I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a uniquely awesome day and be blessed! GOD BLESS YOU
*REMEMBER to put GOD first always! :)


  1. She is sooo cute, You have a beautiful daughter. I can't wait to start my family. xx

  2. aw thank you girl!
    You are so gorgeous btw and so is your daughter! she is very photogenic! :)