Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coastal Scents vs. BH Cosmetics

As most of you know there are several companies out there that sell Makeup Pallets complete with either eyeshadows, blushes, contouring and highlight, lip gloss, concealer, makeup brushes etc. There are two in particular which I am going to do a comparison on, they are Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics. The reason I am doing this comparison is because like I said there are several companies out there and sometimes it could be confusing as to which one to go with. So hopefully this post will help in any way shape or form. I am not affiliated with either company, I am not getting paid for this review and this is my honest unbiased opinion. Any products purchased was with my own money or by my friend. Ok, so now that we got that out of the way lets get started.

Coastal Scents is based out of Naples, Florida. They not only sell makeup pallets and brushes, but they also sell Makeup Ingredients, Skin Care Ingredients, Butters and Soaps, Aroma Theropy stuff, Bath Fizzies, Packaging etc. So they are very versitile in what they sell. They have different shipping methods based upon where you live that you can chose from and it will calculate the different rates based upon your zip code and state. They ship internationally as well. There is no Animal testing of these products which is an A+ in my eyes.

BH Cosmetics is based out of North Hollywood, CA. They only sell Makeup Pallets, and brushes. They also have different shipping methods but it is just one flat rate for each option. They ship Internationally as well. They do not Test on animals which is an A+ again in my eyes.

Okay now for product comparison. Please take a look at their websites also:

Both companies sell an 88 Matte and Shimmer Pallets.
Coastal Scents Matte Pallet goes for $18.95 and Shimmer Pallet goes for $19.95
BH Cosmetics Matte Pallet goes for $19.95 and Shimmer Pallet goes for $21.95
As you can see they are the same products same pallets but Coastal Scents is a little cheaper.

Both have an 88 Warm /Neutral Pallet and 28 Neutral Pallet.
C.S. 88 Warm Pallet goes for $24.95, 28 Neutral Pallet is $18.95.
BH 88 Neutral Pallet goes for $24.95, 28 Neutral Pallet is $19.95.

Both have a 66 lips color Pallet
C.S. is $18.95
BH is $19.95

Both have a blush and Contour Pallet
C.H. 10 piece Blush is $15.95 and contour is $18.95.
B.H. 10 piece Blush is $16.95 and Contour is $19.95

One thing That Coastal Scents has that BH cosmetics doesnt have are double stack eyeshadow and blush pallets that come with 42 shadows and 10 blushes for $24.95.
But BH Cosmetics has their own double stack pallet that is 120 eyeshadow Pallet for $29.95.

Both of them sell quality brushes. Although I must say that I own Coastal Scents Brushes and my friend owns BH Cosmetic brushes and hers are very Soft and nice with the wood handles. Mine are soft as well with Black handles. Hers are a little softer than mine but mine are a lot more dense and help with the shadow application alot better because the shadows are so pigmented.

I also noticed that my Coastal Scents Pallet vs Her BH Cosmetic Pallet does not have much eyeshadow fall out as hers does. When we were applying her shadows, the color was falling all over our cheek bones and then when we tried to wipe it off it left a color stain. My Pallet didnt have much fall out and the little that there was wiped off very easily without stain.

Overall I would have to say that I prefer Coastal Scents over BH Cosmetics. They are cheaper in price, and their quality is a little better than BH Cosmetics especially for the price! Coastal Scents I will give an A and BH Cosmetics I will give a B.

I hope this helps you with your decision on buying Makeup Pallets online. Should you have any questions, Please feel free to leave me a comment. Have a Uniquely Awesome Day. GOD BLESS.


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  1. They all buy their products from the same manufacturer. LOL! It's cheaper on Ebay.

    BH's shipping seems cheaper than Coastal Scents.