Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Man I am barely pregnant and already have cravings! One week before I found out I was pregnant I already knew it because I was craving Chineese Fast Food and Yogurtland everyday for that one week. Then I have been craving and eating Yogurt every morning. I switch between Strawberry and Strawberry and Bannana. Today is Strawberry. I was at work yesterday and I picked up the phone, called my husband and told him, "I WANT BUFFALO WINGS FOR DINNER!!!" lol. He was like OK. I love my Husband! My mouth was drooling for some buffalo wings.
Everytime I see a pregnant women and I see them eating Chile I always tell them what my first Dr. told me, " Don't eat chile and spicey food because it can give your baby heartburn!" And now that I am pregnant it is mostly what I have been loving! lol. Ironic right! SHAME ON ME! I was sitting there eating buffalo wings last night and then when I was tired of the chicken I got my finger and dragged it on the bottom of the plate and licked all the buffalo sauce off. Hahaha I know I know. I even did that with TAPATIO and normally I don't like Tapatio but NOW I DO!
I think it is so crazy how your taste changes and you crave specific things. My first Pregnany I always craved Pizza with fresh lime juice squerted on top haha. I made my husband try it before and he practically almost threw up lol. I didn't get it because to me it was delicious!!! I even made all of his guy friends try it and they practically barfed too! lol. Well sorry for the randomness but I thought it was pretty interesting the way the whole cravings things works. So for those of you who are not mothers and will be one day, BEWARE OF THE CRAVINGS! lol. :)
Have a Uniquely Awesome day! GOD BLESS!

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