Friday, February 5, 2010

Mini Haul

I dropped my husband off at church last night because him and a couple of guys were setting up for Super bowl Sunday which we are having at my church. So since I really didnt want to be there with a bunch of guys  I decided to go look for a dress for Tomorrow. I am going to my Best Friends mom and dads 25th wedding anniversary. They are re-doing their vowels in the same church they got married in and then having a reception after. Unfortunatley I cant make it to the wedding part because I have a baby shower to go to but I still needed a dress for the reception. So I went to this one little fahion store by my church and found a really cute dress. It was Navy Blue with a bunch of big red flowers all over it. Man that right there was a daring piece for me. I am not really into all that flowery stuff. Although I wish I was. So I tried it on and loved it and as I was getting ready to buy it I remembered there was another store a couple of doors down that i wanted to check out. So I put the dress back and just left with the Headband shown above ($1.99)  for my daughter and a simple long white cami ($4.00).  So I went to check out the other store and found a couple of dresses I liked but nothing that would be better than the other one until I came across this one. YES the one shown above. I know I know its black! And I am trying to stay away from black but it was just too cute on. I love the detailing on the neck line and the shoulders and the back is a razer back! Its really cute it flows straight down and is a mini dress. at the botton it has like the bubble dress feel in that it comes in tight under the fabric to clinch your thighs without looking like it. It still looks flowy. It was $30.00 which was not too bad but the other one was only $21.00. I still cant get that dres sout of my head so I am thinking I am going to go back for it. It is one of those dresses where you can wear as it or add a blazer on top, maybe a scarf and leggins and it would look completly different. AHHH I am in love! WITH FLORAL PRINT??!?!?!?! CRAZY! hahaha. Ok guys I am just rambling now. So I hope you enjoyed this mes sof a blog and Ill see you in the next. Have a uniquely awesome day. GOD BLESS.

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