Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beauty on the GO

I officially am in love with these shoes! At first they were so comfy but after walkign in them for awhile my feet started to hurt lol. But Beauty comes with a price! And its a price im willing to take. I love that when your in a hurry and you want to have some fabulous shoes on you can just grab these and go. They are very easy to slip on and if done right can match with almost anything. Now thats what I call "Beauty on the GO." This was just a short little blog. Hope you like. Have a uniquely awesome day. GOD BLESS


  1. Adore these heels! Soooo cute.

    I'm following your blog now. lol =D

  2. omg those are so so cute! Rock em girl:D

  3. wow!!!those shoes are amazing!!!
    thanks for the sweet coment you left on my blog :-))