Thursday, February 4, 2010

My January Faves

So I decided to do a blog on my January Favorites. Ok lets see where to start. Shown above you will see a Ponds facial moisturizer. I LOVE THIS STUFF. It has a really good consistancy to it. For me, I have very dry skin so it is not to watery and not to thick. It is that perfect happy medium :). Before I go to bed I usually put on a pretty thick coat so it soaks into my skin and also because you know when you sleep your moving everywhere lol. Then in the morning I wash my face again and put a very thin coat on.

Next is this new brush I got at Wal-Mart. It is made by Conair. It's a big square brush. On the handle if you can read there is plasmium gel and it makes gripping so comfortable. Also, it brushes my hair out nicely.

Then there is my Thermasilk Heat Tamer spray. OH MAN this stuff smells sooo good. And it has been doing wonders in protecting my hair from all the heat damage that comes from blow drying and straightning. It makes my hair soooo soft. So I definitley reccomend this!

I also really like the Mary Kay night cream. I use this before I go to bed on the corners of my nose where I get extremely dry and also on the crease right above my chin, right under my mouth. You just need a tiny bit as it is very thick. A pea size will go a long way.

Next is my Comfort Mineralized Skin Finish from the Warm and Cozy collection by MAC. I absolutley love this stuff. It is a perfect Bronzer for me. Now if im not careful and over do it a little I will look ORANGE and thats never a good look on anyone! But I am definitley loving this. Now I wish I would have got the other Mineralized skin finish in By Candlelight. Makes me sad :(.

Next is my Heart of Africa China Glaze nailpolish. This is such a beautiful deep red. I think its so sexy. And the wear on this stuff is soo good considering I dont ever use a top coat.
I am definitley loving my Blankety lip stick from MAC. Its such a pretty mixture of that nude lip with a hint of pink. Beautiful! One of my new loves!
I love the smell of this. Have any of you smelled this or own this? It's so femanine and sexy! It is Sexy Little Things Fragrance Mist by Victorias Secret. The packaging is adorable and fits perfect in my purse.
The Next two are not quite beauty related by they are part of my January Favorites!
I am loving my new CK glasses. I had two pair before that I was wearing. One thick brown frame by BEBE and another purple thinner frame by CANDIES. For some reason things were still blury to me after awhile of wearing them and I knew the prescription was not strong enough for me. But I had them for like a year and a half or so and then just this past month in January I went back to the eye doctor and found out the prescription was way to light for me. So I got these glasses and a new prescription and I CAN SEE AGAIN! lol. How sad huh hahaha.

Last but not least is my little journal book. I bought it at Target for $7.99 and I use this for my church and bible study notes. I have been wanting a cute one forever because I was using those big spiral notebooks and I wanted a smaller one for my purse. So I found this one which I love. It is magnetic so when you close it, its soo easy cuz it attracts itself to the book. Its really good to keep a journal book with you. Even if you wouldnt use it for the same reason I use it for it is still good to have to jot down thoughts in your head, feelings and emotions. Write down names and numbers if you cant find your phone quick enough in your big ol bag haha. But I think if you go to church or you just read your bible on your own write down the scripture and what it means to you. Its always good to go back and read these life long lessons that will help you in times of need.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me some comments or questions. If you want me to do a specific post let me know. I will see you guys in the next one. Have a uniquely awesome day fit for a queen like you! GOD BLESS.

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  1. Th is a cute post I like it alot!
    I have dry skin too which sucks because I moistorize every night and morning but that's okay:) haha