Friday, January 29, 2010

Revlon Colorstay Foundation Review

I just recently jumped on the ban wagon of people who are either using, have used or just tried out the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I went to Wal-mart on Tuesday and purchased this very excitedly! Of course my husband was like "You and your MAKEUP!" hahaha. Man I love him for putting up with my love of makeup. So of course first thing on Wednesday morning I put this on. One thing I did notice is that is that it drys up fairly quickly. I dont mean like a cracky dry or anything. I am talking about you know when you get your foundation a lot of people (I BEING ONE OF THEM) like to dot their face on their cheeks, forehead, chin nose before they spread the foundation. Well when you do this the foundation sets into your skin fairly quickly so you have to spread it around almost immediatly. After I figured that out I just started working one side at a time. I am not saying its a bad thing that it sets into your skin quickly because that just means that it is adhearing to your skin and that allows the foundation to stick well and cover more. Another thing I have learned is that if you use a sponge and add like one or two drops of water to the sponge this will help you blend the color out better and help it not dry so quickly. I purchased the NORMAL / DRY SKIN combination in 320 TRUE BEIGE. Now I am a MAC NC40 and I think this color blends perfectly with my skin. I really like this foundation. I tend to pick at my face alot which is the worse habbit you could possibly have so I always have a red face and this foundation matched with Mac concealer and Studio fix powder works wonders for me. Not all of us have naturally beautiful clear skin and therefore we need to work harder at covering and use more products. I think for the price of this foundation it is well worth it! I highly suggest you go out and try it if you have not done so already. If you have a different opinion or have noticed any thing else good or bad about this product please leave me a comment because I have only been using this for 3 days now and would love to know if there is anything I should look out for. Thank you for reading this post.I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day. *REMEMBER TO PUT GOD FIRST ALWAYS! GOD BLESS.

DISCLAIMER: This product was not sent to me. It was purchased with my own money. I am not getting paid for this blog post. It is my own opinion and no one is forced to go out and buy it. But I do recommend this product! :0)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthday Birthday Birthday

So today is my Birthday and I am 24 years young! I am excited! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I always liked having my birthday in the beginning of the year! Why you may ask? Because I get to start off the new year with a new age, a new attitude. Silly it may seem but I love it! So I have opted out of any trips this year to go shopping instead. We are going this weekend. I am excited. I cant wait to see what I can find to spice up my wardrobe! So my day is going like this, Work, Lunch with my boss, then church, then eat, then ice cream! mmmmm. Im not a big fan of cake But I will definitley do some ICE CREAM! The only cake I have really really loved is made by this bakery around our house but they are a little expensive but well worth it!!! We get cakes from there once a year for my daughters birthday. Spoiled I know! So I am now 24 and I feel my life is going in the right direction. I am happy where im at because I am married to a wonderful man of GOD, have a beautiful and talented daughter, I don't live in my moms house or with anyone else, I go to church, have a good job, I mean what more could I ask for. I have definitley been blessed. My life hasn't always been so easy and I never expected it to be because I think the bumps in the road only make you tougher and stronger to be able to climb those mountains when one gets in your way. Okay now I am reflecting on my life as if I am so old lol. honestly 24 is not much different than 23 lol. My husband says once I turn 25 my mentality will change and I will mature faster than I expected. Is that true? Anyone now 25 and see that they think differently now? I hear when you turn 25 is when you are in your "PRIME". LOL I still have a lot of life ahead of me, God willing. But I am thankful and grateful for every day I am given because our days are numbered and only God knows how long we have on this earth. So dont ever waste a day of your life. Do something that makes you happy. Try something new. Meet someone new a day. Smile uncontrollably. Treat yourself to something sweet a day. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful because were created in the image of GOD! I hope you all have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness and remember YOU DECIDE how your day is going to go so DECIDE to make it a good one. GOD BLESS YOU!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spring / Summer 2010 Color Trends

Are you guys excited for Spring and Summer? Back to the Gym, Tans and beach hair. I was doing some research because I was interested to see what the color trend is this year and I came across this very pretty color pallet on Although no matter what season we are in I always love my black. I think that alot of these colors I can spunk up my black wardrobe with just fine! I am liking the hues, and the pepperment, and nectarine and the highlighter neon colors a lot. Different Makeup looks will be fun with these colors thats for sure! I am going shopping this weekend for my Birthday so Lets see how many of these colors I can find. I will post a blog sometime Sunday or Monday with what I found! Have a uniquely awesome day and GOD BLESS.

Paris Haute Couture: Christian Dior spring/summer 2010 collection

Have you guys seen the new Spring/Summer collection for Christian Dior? I am in love with this collection! And the theme, FABULOUS! I found this on I mean I dont know about you but I am loving everything from the colors, to the designs, to the 20th Century theme / Circus Show ring, The hair (I AM LOVIN THE HAIR!), makeup, to the back drop. This collection is designed by John Galliano. What do you guys think about the collection? What is your favorite part of this collection? Which look do you like the most? Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a unique day and be blessed as always. GOD BLESS.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Light in the Darkness

As I sit here at work all alone in my office, I look outside and the gloominess that has taken over the skys has so quickly taken over me. I felt alone, cold, saddened. Memories of my past start to flash before me. People i have hurt I keep picturing in my mind and my heart feels their pain. My heart longs to Hold them and cry on their shoulders in regret and forgiveness. I feel my heart pound, my hands getting clamy, my throut getting tight and I can feel my pulse in my head.  I start to ask myself WHY! And a million questions start running through my mind. If ONLY.....I keep telling myself. I wonder of friendships that could have been. GREAT ones I can only Imagine. As my eyes swell with tears I take another glance outside at the gloominess that has taken over me. And to my suprise, for just a smidget of a second the gloominess turned to light. It was no longer dark outside because there was a hint of light! I wiped my eyes before a tear would fall and took another look and the light was gone. A smile came over me and I got up out of my seat went to the Window and looked up at the sky. And right then and there I knew! God is with me and I no longer need to sit in Darkness. Those who by sin were darkness, by grace become light in the Lord. Its only by Gods grace that we are forgiven and set free. Those friendships that are no longer, hurt, but are always in my prayers. And those friendships that could have been mine, may be needed more by someone else. So I thank God that he is the author of life and he directs my path. I will now smile in dark and laugh in the light. Tears will fall but thet will be tears of Joy and Laughter.

You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light. (2 Samuel 22:29 )

Therefore I will praise you, O LORD, among the nations; I will sing praises to your name. (2 Samuel 22:50)  AMEN!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cherry Culture Makeup Clearance

Check it out! You might find something you have been wanting for half the price! Also, Free shipping on orders over $40.00.  Hope this was helpful. :)

MAC Haul ~ Basic Necessities

So I went to MAC yesterday and picked up a couple of necessities. And then also, I have a couple of things I picked up after Christmas. I was at MAC for literally like an Hour because of some mistakes that had happened and I was there trying to clear it all up, but all went well and I was able to leave happy with my MAC! Dang what does a girl have to do just to get her some MAC and be happy!!! lol. The lady helping me at the counter was like SHOOT I would do the same thing! haha. Anyways I didnt pick up anything crazy just some things I really needed and really wanted to have in my basic collection. I am slowly trying to build up my MAC collection because being married and a mother you tend to find your money going to other things you find more important. But here is what I got. I hope you guys enjoy. Have a great day and remember put GOD FIRST. GOD BLESS

Blankety is a nude pinky mauve color. It is an Amplified Creme.

This is blunt. It is a brown blush that is great for contouring (also used by KandeeJohnson, hint where I got the idea from :>).

This is The mineralize skin finish in Comfort from the Warm and Cozy collection. I love this as a bronzer. I think it is beautiful on warmer skin tones. Be sure not to put too much on as it may make you look Orangey.

as you can see I have been using this product alot lately. It is the Studio finish concealer in NC35. It is very thick so you only need a little. And do not place under your eyes because it is so thick that you will see creasing.

I love this Paint Pot! it is Rubenesque. I also have Painterly which is really creamy and smooth. Where as Rubenesque feels a little more rough but that is just my opinion after first time use. Still love it though! Beautiful Color

And this is I think a dazzleglass that was given to my 3yr old daughter that was squeezed into a sample size jar for her patience and her being such a good girl through out our 1 hour wait. Isnt it so pretty(i might just have to keep it lol). I dont even know what color it is or if it is even a dazzleglass? anyone know?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Makeup of the Day

Today I went for a more defined look. I didnt do really any blending. What I did was I applied my Painterly Paint pot from MAC. Then I took my Coastal Scents 88 matte pallet and I took the color just diagnal from the black (up one and to the left) and I applied it all over my lid, into my crease and onto my bone to give it that elongaded cat eye effect. Then I took that same color and applied it onto the bottom outer half of my eye. Then I took a really pretty highlight color from my POPbeauty makeup kit and dusted that on the inner corner and picked it up just a bit on and over the brown color on the corner of my upper eye lid. Then I dusted it onto my brow bone. After that I added a little bit of black to the outer ">" of my eye and took the light left over into my crease. This just adds a little bit of demension. Then since my whole eye is pretty much dark I just took a MAC black eyeliner pencil and lined my eyelids very lightly and added my Cover girl Lashblast Mascara. I think if you have darker features that a not so blended out look will look very nice on you. and compliments your features. I hope you likes this. Please leave a comment of any other looks you would like to see. Have an awesome day and GOD BLESS.

Monday, January 18, 2010


CATCH THEM WHILE YOU CAN! I love sales! Especially on Beauty products with already low prices!


NYX HAS GONE BANANAS!!!! They are having a $1 dollar galore sale! Dont forget to place your order!!! The sale is going on from 1/15/10 through 1/25/10. EXCITING! The only bad thing for those outside of the United States is that they are not shipping internationally for this PROMO. But even after this promotion is over NYX still has great products for an affordable price. Hurry and buy before its too late!!!!! Have a great day guys. GOD BLESS!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

TJ MAXX - Steve Madden Purse

I am in love with my Steve Madden bag! I got it at TJ Maxx a couple of months ago. Its so big inside. Almost too big where I can never find anything in there when I need to. haha. But none the less I still love this bag! Its a pretty soft faux leather olive green color Slouchy bag. It is made by Steve Madden and it only cost me 40 bucks! Now to me my friends, This was a steal! I think its perfect for any time of the years but exspecially for the colder seasons like Fall and Winter. I love the little hoop that is attached to a piece of leather in the middle. It doesnt have a clip or anything to hold it in place it is just to use to place in the middle to close the center of the purse. And it adds a cute little decor.

Birthday Wishlist from Forever21

My birthday is quickly approaching on January 27th I will be 24 and I am starting to gather up my list of what I want for My birthday. Usually my Husband will plan something for my birthday like one year we went to San Diego and he took me to the San Diego Zoo and then another year we rented a Hotel on Hollywood and Highland and had all of our friends come and we partied in the hotel then went to a club. Last year we took a trip to Las Vegas for an overnight stay with a couple of friends from church. And dont get me wrong I have so much fun and enjoyed every birthday. But this year I am opting out of the parties just so I can get some money to buy my self some new clothes that I desperatley need! I added a few pictures of some things I am thinking of purchasing at Forever 21. But one place I really want to go is The Garmet District. I havent been there in years and I think it will be fun to go check it out again with a couple of my friends and my husband and daughter and go shopping. What do you think? Have an Ideas of what I can do for my birthday?

Daniel Fast Day 5

Today is day five of the Daniel fast and I am still going strong! Tuesday I ate cucumbers with lemon and salt for brunch, and then we went grocery shopping at Fresh N Easy to buy some organic food. After that we went to my hudbands cousins house and him and his wife are also doing the daniel fast. She cooked some spaghetti using wheat pasta and added chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and a bunch of seasoning and it was SOOOO delicious! So healthy and soo delicious! Then after working out we munched on some cucumbers and oranges. Then on Wednesday I ate an orange for breakfast and I went to Flame Broiler and bought a bowl of brown rice and steamed veggies. And for Dinner I made a pot of Vegetable soup. I cut up onions, tomatoes, zuccini, potatoes, carrots and cabbage and added water to boil. Then I also added in some organic vegetable broth. Once it was just about done I added salt, pepper, basil, garlic powder and then squeezed some lemon juice in it and bam it was finished. This is the first time I have ever made anything like this but it was just like homemade Chicken soup without the chicken. It was very good. For an after dinner snack I ate whole wheat and grain cereal with soy milk. Today I ate some Watermelon for Breakfast and Then I brought some left over Veggie Soup That I will eat for lunch and then I brought an Orange I will eat for a snack a couple hours after lunch. I will blog tomorrow about what I decided to make for Dinner. I also continue to pray through out the day and then take time to really seek God. I read my bible no less than once a day. My Husband has really been seeking God and his prayers are already being answered. PRAISE GOD! I look forward to see what God has planned for our lives. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Have a blessed day. GOD BLESS.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Daniel Fast

I am ready to embark upon another journey of fasting and praying. My church has called a 21 day fast this month as have many other churches around the country. It is our new year fast. We started Yesterday January 10, 2010 and we will end January 31, 2010. If you are not familiar with what a fast is, it basically consist of one ridding themselves of themselves (selfeshness, wants etc) and allowing God to fill you with more of him. There are different types of fast that you can do. The most common fast is no food only water. And what it basically means is that we are getting rid of our fleshly desires such as food because what food does is satisfy your flesh. So now that we are not pleasing our flesh by feeding it foods and other things, we now allow ourself to be completely emptied to be filled with more of God by fasting and praying and reading our bibles. The daniel fast is not as hard as a strict water only fast. But we are able to eat fruits and veggies. For a full list of foods you can eat please visit . Not only is this necessary to gain a closer relationship with Christ but it is also very healthy. It is not a diet and we dont take it as a diet but I must say that naturally there are added benefits. We are doing this fast to start praying for things we want to see happen this new year. Not only for our church but for ourselves as well. Alot of prayers will be answered during this 21 day fast. A lot of lives will change during this 21 day fast. They key to fasting is staying in prayer. When those little urges come about to eat some meat, or junk food, or drink something other than water prayer is what gets you through it. Pray for strength & endurance. Ask God to fill you with more of him where there seems to be a need for something else. This fast can be easy if you just stay in prayer and reading your bible. Stay focused. Keep away from sin, arguing, negativity and anything else that can defeat the whole purpose of the fast and truley your life shall be blessed. If you are a believer I encourage you to do this fast. If you are not a believer and would like to accept Jesus Christ into your heart, in my very first post there is a prayer you can say. If you truley mean it then your life will be blessed and your name will be written in the book of life. I am looking forward to this fast more than ever. Today is the first full day of fasting and so far so good. I have eaten a Banana and an apple and am about to eat an orange. For Dinner I am thinking a pot of beans and possibly some potatoes. I will blog again tomorrow of my progress and my daily meals for those who want to try this fast and gain some ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Have a great day and GOD BLESS. :0)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail polish

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Nail Color, 0.4 oz - Crushed 20

I was at Walmart yesterday picking up a few things and I couldnt help myself. I JUST HAD TO STOP BY THE BEAUTY SECTION! I had already told myself. Okay just one thing! And I originaly wanted to get a Sally Hansen top coat but when I saw this color. I JUST HAD TO HAVE IT. Its so vibrant and beautiful! It is called Crushed. This color would be perfect for the summer! But I am the type of girl that if I like something I will wear it no matter if its in season or out of season. I believe your personal style is what defines you! So back to the nail polish! I just baught it last night and polished my nails with it last night and I noticed that it drys pretty quickly. I dont yet have a good top coat so I want to see how long this polish will last me without it. It was on sale at Wal-Mart for $2.00. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! Thats a bargain and a half! I am a sucker for things on sale. Well overall I am pretty happy that the color is exactly what it looks like in the bottle. I will let you know how the wear is in a couple of days. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have an awesome day. GOD BLESS.

***FYI..The nail polish stood on without chips for about 4 days and thats with taking hot showers and washing dishes in hot water and no top coat! not too bad.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So I am here at work with an excrutiating headache! And the type of headache I have is called a Caffeine headache!!!! Just Brutal! I dont ever wish this on anyone. What basicallyt happens is when you drink caffeine alot (and I mean like everyday like cups and cups of it) and then you try to stop drinking it completely, oh man thats when you get the caffeine headaches! It's like your body cannot function with out it. Its so used to having it be an every day part of your life that when you dont have it, Your body lets you know IT NEEDS IT! Sounds horrible I know but atleast its not drugs or something worse.
Well this got me thinking, How much longer will the headach last? Will it go away if I just drink a can of Pepsi? And then I started comparing this to my everyday life. What happens when we take God out of our lives? Do we get headaches? or worse? Chaos in our lives? Does our body tell us that we need Him? Will we be satisfyed with just a taste of Christ or will we need to constantly fill ourselves with more of him daily? Will all Chaos in our lives go away when we do?

Then this scripture came to me, "I am the vine; you are the branches," said Jesus. "If a man abides in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing." (John 15:5)

It all makes sence! Without Christ in our lives we are nothing. We are just as unfunctionable as someone without caffeine with a huge caffeine headache! We need to always have Christ in our lives daily and we will bear much fruit!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Future Dentist

Well as you can tell by the pictures I had a visit to the dentist. Preparing myself for Braces. YES I DID SAY BRACES! lol. It is never to late to get that perfect smile you have always wanted! Well before me was my daughter. She went in to get some work done and boy is she brave! But she always wants me to hold her hand so I do. The only part she hates about getting work done is the water sprayer and the vacuum sucker. I think it freaks her out. But we always tell her, Its just water, and look the vacuum doesn't hurt its just air and we will show her on her hand. So next it was my turn. I get in the chair and the Dr and the assistant are having a blast with my daughter so they suite her up with a mask and a chair for her to watch everything. They place her right by my head on a chair and she wants to hold my hand to comfort me. lol. I thought it was soo cute because that's what she likes. She hold my hand with one hand and with her other free hand she is stroking my head telling me "It's okay mommy you don't have to be scared." I was like okay momma thank you. And so the work begins. They start the scrapping which is ever so annoying and in comes the vacuum sucker to collect all the saliva. My daughter squeezes my hand and tells me "It's okay momma its just air!" lol. OMG we all started cracking up at her because that's what we were all telling her! Man little kids are sooo hilarious! Then she kept saying that she wants to be a dentist. And the Dr. told her GOOD! Then you can be my dentist when I become an old woman. And Jenaya (my daughter) was like YA! Oh man she was so serious and excited to sit right by mommy to comfort me. These are the moments I will never forget! The pictures only show and say so much but its whats behind the pictures that last a lifetime! I thank God daily for the little bundle of Joy he has given me! Yes they take a lot of work and can get very frustrating at times but there is nothing like holding and kissing and comforting one of your own! Especially when they get to those funny stages! Man those are the best! So always be grateful and thankful for the things God puts in your life because he has them there for a reason. And remember as fast as they came, they can be gone just as fast so never take a moment, a minute, an hour, nor a day with the people in your life for granted. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. God Bless you.