Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Okay so me and my husband and daughter went to Ross yesterday just becuase we were bored at home. If you don't know what Ross is, its basically a store that sells name brand items at a discount. We went in with no expectations just to look around. Well when we walked in the first thing we see is the purses and the like beauty products. So we came across this. It is Coconut Bath Salts (Dead Sea Salt). Now the reason why we picked htis up is because my husband takes a lot of baths. And I usually just shower. But my skin has been really dry lately and I have been really tense so we grabbed this. AND LET ME TELL YOU, I used it last night and I felt so dang relaxed after that I just wanted to go to sleep but kept myself busy so i wouldnt. I LOVE IT! And it was only $3.99. I love a Bargain! :)
The next thing we came across were some little decorations for our house. They were both only $3.99!!!! We are Christians and love to have scriptures and crosses around our house so we just had to grab these! What a DEAL!
The next thing we found were these JORDANS for my husband. Can you believe it! only $29.99!!! I looked them up online to see if they were worth it and they were selling online for $175.00. We didnt even think twice about getting them. And they were the only ones and in his size. THANK YOU JESUS. My husband never buys himself anything so When we went I just wanted him to get stuff and not me. So he also got a nice dress shirt for work. He also had this nice jacket but put it back at the last second. Then we went to find shoes for my daughter but there was nothing. But we are going to go to Marshalls where they had some cute jordans for her for only $25.00! But while we were in the childrens shoe section we came across these......
For only $11.99!!!!! Can you believe that! These Shoes are so dope! When I wear Tennis Shoes I like to wear Funky shoes with different colors and styles. Now I told my Husband I wasnt there to buy myself anything but he insisted I get them because of how great of a deal they were. And I just couldnt deny that this was a STEAL! So for $11.99 I walked away with some HOT kicks! Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you ever got anything that just felt like a steal let me know in a comment. I love to hear about a great buy! :) Have a Uniquely Awesome day. GOD BLESS.

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  1. haha i love ROSS and Marshalls.
    They have the best stuff cheap!