Thursday, February 18, 2010

Outfit of the Day

Today I came to work half casual half dressy. I was undecided if I actually wanted to get all ready for work so the first thing I threw on were my straight legged Purple Corduroy pants. Yeah I said PURPLE CORDUROY lol. Then I threw on my white tank top. After scrambling around for a little to find a top I found my see through white t-shirt with a built in black buttoned up vest over it. So I threw that on. Then I put my Black Blazer over it and folded it to right under my elbow. Threw on my black Guess high heels and then since i woke up late I threw my hair up into a clip literally in like 15 seconds lol. Added a bracelet, earings, necklace and was out the door. My makeup was done in the car. hahaha I added a light shimmery white color to my lid, basic medium brown to my crease and black in the outer corner and onto my lower lid. This my basic go to makeup whenever I am in a hurry or dont feel like doing anything different. I have Studio fix concealer on topped with studiofix powder. Pink blush, contouring, brown shadow for my eyebrows. NYC liquid eyeliner and covergirl mascara. I had lipliner and lipstick on but I had just got done eating and it whiped off. Hope you enjoyed. Have a Uniquely Awesome Day. GOD BLESS.

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