Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Blue

Today I opted for blue eyeshadow. Now I know that Blue can be a very bad color for the eyes. But it all depends on how you do it. I am not saying my way is the bomb haha but I am saying that it is a more wearable look. So what I did is basically applied rubenesque paint pot from mac and applied it all over my eyes. This helps your eyeshadows stay and last all day. Then I whooped out my trusty Coastal Scents Matte pallet and took the brightest blue and applied it all over my lid but left a little spot on the inner corner shadowless. Then I mixed a very very light beige brown with a muted green brown and blended it right above the blue into my crease and brought it up to just about under my brow bone leaving room for highlight. I tried to bring a little bit of the blue up into the mixture of browns so it blended nicely and wasnt just blue / then brown. That might look a little funny with defined colors like that. So once I was happy with the colors I took the black eyeshadow from the coastal scents pallet and applied it to the outer corner and used small circular motions and brought it in about 1/4  and blended blended blended. Then I took a little more black and used windshield wiper motions in the crease. After all said and done I did my eyebrown and then added some highlight to my brow and the inner corner of my eye and brought it down about half way on my bottom lash line. I also took the blue shadow and took underneath my eye about half way and blended the two colors in the middle. And waalaa. There you have it ladies A pretty blue wearable look. Please excuse my lips as I have like no lipstick on because it was lunch time! HAHAHA. A girls gotta eat! I hope you guys like. Please leave me a comment on what looks you would like to see. Thank you. Have an awesomely uniqe day fit for a queen like you! GOD BLESS.


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