Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HAUL - Downtown LA / Forever 21

I received these two shirts in LA and they were 2 for $10.00
I got these three tight in LA and they were 3 for $10.00 I got Beige, Black and Purple. They stop at the calf.
I got this very thin sweatshirt in LA with the sinched up bat wing sleaves in la and it was $16.99.
These were $14.99 in LA
I got this cute Military style type vest that goes mid stomach for $12.99 in LA
This Long burnt Orange vest was $7.99 in LA
I got this thin black overlay vest in LA for $12.99

That is about it for the clothing I got in LA. I got a lot of jewlery though so all the things shown below are from LA and range from .99 cents to about 3.99 the most.
I also got 2 pairs of Glasses that my aunt bought for me for my B-DAY. They were 3 for $10.00 so she kept one pair and let me pick out 2 for me.
Then I got these shoes that I have been dying to get! I absolutley love them and am wearing them today! They were in LA for $25.00
Yesterday I went to Forever 21 and bought the following items:
These rings were on clearance and were put together and it was $3.00 for both.
I bought this headband for my daughter which she fell in love with in the store and didnt take it off. It was on clearance for $2.99
Last but not least I bought these heels which I am loving at Forever 21 and they were $24.50
I hope you guys enjoyed this haul. If you live in Southern California I encourage you to hit up down town LA. They have alot of cute things for very affordable prices. I hadent been there in like a year and a half and I fell back in love with it and told my husband we have to go atleast ONCE A MONTH! No less! lol. He took me there because thats where I wanted to go for my birthday to buy some things. OK Take care guys. Have a uniquely awesome day GOD BLESS

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  1. Dang girl you went SHOPPING! hahha everything you bought is so so cute. I just love that store!

    I am now following your blog:)