Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Future Dentist

Well as you can tell by the pictures I had a visit to the dentist. Preparing myself for Braces. YES I DID SAY BRACES! lol. It is never to late to get that perfect smile you have always wanted! Well before me was my daughter. She went in to get some work done and boy is she brave! But she always wants me to hold her hand so I do. The only part she hates about getting work done is the water sprayer and the vacuum sucker. I think it freaks her out. But we always tell her, Its just water, and look the vacuum doesn't hurt its just air and we will show her on her hand. So next it was my turn. I get in the chair and the Dr and the assistant are having a blast with my daughter so they suite her up with a mask and a chair for her to watch everything. They place her right by my head on a chair and she wants to hold my hand to comfort me. lol. I thought it was soo cute because that's what she likes. She hold my hand with one hand and with her other free hand she is stroking my head telling me "It's okay mommy you don't have to be scared." I was like okay momma thank you. And so the work begins. They start the scrapping which is ever so annoying and in comes the vacuum sucker to collect all the saliva. My daughter squeezes my hand and tells me "It's okay momma its just air!" lol. OMG we all started cracking up at her because that's what we were all telling her! Man little kids are sooo hilarious! Then she kept saying that she wants to be a dentist. And the Dr. told her GOOD! Then you can be my dentist when I become an old woman. And Jenaya (my daughter) was like YA! Oh man she was so serious and excited to sit right by mommy to comfort me. These are the moments I will never forget! The pictures only show and say so much but its whats behind the pictures that last a lifetime! I thank God daily for the little bundle of Joy he has given me! Yes they take a lot of work and can get very frustrating at times but there is nothing like holding and kissing and comforting one of your own! Especially when they get to those funny stages! Man those are the best! So always be grateful and thankful for the things God puts in your life because he has them there for a reason. And remember as fast as they came, they can be gone just as fast so never take a moment, a minute, an hour, nor a day with the people in your life for granted. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. God Bless you.