Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MAC Haul ~ Basic Necessities

So I went to MAC yesterday and picked up a couple of necessities. And then also, I have a couple of things I picked up after Christmas. I was at MAC for literally like an Hour because of some mistakes that had happened and I was there trying to clear it all up, but all went well and I was able to leave happy with my MAC! Dang what does a girl have to do just to get her some MAC and be happy!!! lol. The lady helping me at the counter was like SHOOT I would do the same thing! haha. Anyways I didnt pick up anything crazy just some things I really needed and really wanted to have in my basic collection. I am slowly trying to build up my MAC collection because being married and a mother you tend to find your money going to other things you find more important. But here is what I got. I hope you guys enjoy. Have a great day and remember put GOD FIRST. GOD BLESS

Blankety is a nude pinky mauve color. It is an Amplified Creme.

This is blunt. It is a brown blush that is great for contouring (also used by KandeeJohnson, hint where I got the idea from :>).

This is The mineralize skin finish in Comfort from the Warm and Cozy collection. I love this as a bronzer. I think it is beautiful on warmer skin tones. Be sure not to put too much on as it may make you look Orangey.

as you can see I have been using this product alot lately. It is the Studio finish concealer in NC35. It is very thick so you only need a little. And do not place under your eyes because it is so thick that you will see creasing.

I love this Paint Pot! it is Rubenesque. I also have Painterly which is really creamy and smooth. Where as Rubenesque feels a little more rough but that is just my opinion after first time use. Still love it though! Beautiful Color

And this is I think a dazzleglass that was given to my 3yr old daughter that was squeezed into a sample size jar for her patience and her being such a good girl through out our 1 hour wait. Isnt it so pretty(i might just have to keep it lol). I dont even know what color it is or if it is even a dazzleglass? anyone know?

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