Monday, January 25, 2010

Spring / Summer 2010 Color Trends

Are you guys excited for Spring and Summer? Back to the Gym, Tans and beach hair. I was doing some research because I was interested to see what the color trend is this year and I came across this very pretty color pallet on Although no matter what season we are in I always love my black. I think that alot of these colors I can spunk up my black wardrobe with just fine! I am liking the hues, and the pepperment, and nectarine and the highlighter neon colors a lot. Different Makeup looks will be fun with these colors thats for sure! I am going shopping this weekend for my Birthday so Lets see how many of these colors I can find. I will post a blog sometime Sunday or Monday with what I found! Have a uniquely awesome day and GOD BLESS.

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