Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Makeup of the Day

Today I went for a more defined look. I didnt do really any blending. What I did was I applied my Painterly Paint pot from MAC. Then I took my Coastal Scents 88 matte pallet and I took the color just diagnal from the black (up one and to the left) and I applied it all over my lid, into my crease and onto my bone to give it that elongaded cat eye effect. Then I took that same color and applied it onto the bottom outer half of my eye. Then I took a really pretty highlight color from my POPbeauty makeup kit and dusted that on the inner corner and picked it up just a bit on and over the brown color on the corner of my upper eye lid. Then I dusted it onto my brow bone. After that I added a little bit of black to the outer ">" of my eye and took the light left over into my crease. This just adds a little bit of demension. Then since my whole eye is pretty much dark I just took a MAC black eyeliner pencil and lined my eyelids very lightly and added my Cover girl Lashblast Mascara. I think if you have darker features that a not so blended out look will look very nice on you. and compliments your features. I hope you likes this. Please leave a comment of any other looks you would like to see. Have an awesome day and GOD BLESS.