Monday, January 11, 2010

Daniel Fast

I am ready to embark upon another journey of fasting and praying. My church has called a 21 day fast this month as have many other churches around the country. It is our new year fast. We started Yesterday January 10, 2010 and we will end January 31, 2010. If you are not familiar with what a fast is, it basically consist of one ridding themselves of themselves (selfeshness, wants etc) and allowing God to fill you with more of him. There are different types of fast that you can do. The most common fast is no food only water. And what it basically means is that we are getting rid of our fleshly desires such as food because what food does is satisfy your flesh. So now that we are not pleasing our flesh by feeding it foods and other things, we now allow ourself to be completely emptied to be filled with more of God by fasting and praying and reading our bibles. The daniel fast is not as hard as a strict water only fast. But we are able to eat fruits and veggies. For a full list of foods you can eat please visit . Not only is this necessary to gain a closer relationship with Christ but it is also very healthy. It is not a diet and we dont take it as a diet but I must say that naturally there are added benefits. We are doing this fast to start praying for things we want to see happen this new year. Not only for our church but for ourselves as well. Alot of prayers will be answered during this 21 day fast. A lot of lives will change during this 21 day fast. They key to fasting is staying in prayer. When those little urges come about to eat some meat, or junk food, or drink something other than water prayer is what gets you through it. Pray for strength & endurance. Ask God to fill you with more of him where there seems to be a need for something else. This fast can be easy if you just stay in prayer and reading your bible. Stay focused. Keep away from sin, arguing, negativity and anything else that can defeat the whole purpose of the fast and truley your life shall be blessed. If you are a believer I encourage you to do this fast. If you are not a believer and would like to accept Jesus Christ into your heart, in my very first post there is a prayer you can say. If you truley mean it then your life will be blessed and your name will be written in the book of life. I am looking forward to this fast more than ever. Today is the first full day of fasting and so far so good. I have eaten a Banana and an apple and am about to eat an orange. For Dinner I am thinking a pot of beans and possibly some potatoes. I will blog again tomorrow of my progress and my daily meals for those who want to try this fast and gain some ideas. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Have a great day and GOD BLESS. :0)

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