Thursday, January 14, 2010

Daniel Fast Day 5

Today is day five of the Daniel fast and I am still going strong! Tuesday I ate cucumbers with lemon and salt for brunch, and then we went grocery shopping at Fresh N Easy to buy some organic food. After that we went to my hudbands cousins house and him and his wife are also doing the daniel fast. She cooked some spaghetti using wheat pasta and added chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and a bunch of seasoning and it was SOOOO delicious! So healthy and soo delicious! Then after working out we munched on some cucumbers and oranges. Then on Wednesday I ate an orange for breakfast and I went to Flame Broiler and bought a bowl of brown rice and steamed veggies. And for Dinner I made a pot of Vegetable soup. I cut up onions, tomatoes, zuccini, potatoes, carrots and cabbage and added water to boil. Then I also added in some organic vegetable broth. Once it was just about done I added salt, pepper, basil, garlic powder and then squeezed some lemon juice in it and bam it was finished. This is the first time I have ever made anything like this but it was just like homemade Chicken soup without the chicken. It was very good. For an after dinner snack I ate whole wheat and grain cereal with soy milk. Today I ate some Watermelon for Breakfast and Then I brought some left over Veggie Soup That I will eat for lunch and then I brought an Orange I will eat for a snack a couple hours after lunch. I will blog tomorrow about what I decided to make for Dinner. I also continue to pray through out the day and then take time to really seek God. I read my bible no less than once a day. My Husband has really been seeking God and his prayers are already being answered. PRAISE GOD! I look forward to see what God has planned for our lives. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Have a blessed day. GOD BLESS.

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