Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birthday Wishlist from Forever21

My birthday is quickly approaching on January 27th I will be 24 and I am starting to gather up my list of what I want for My birthday. Usually my Husband will plan something for my birthday like one year we went to San Diego and he took me to the San Diego Zoo and then another year we rented a Hotel on Hollywood and Highland and had all of our friends come and we partied in the hotel then went to a club. Last year we took a trip to Las Vegas for an overnight stay with a couple of friends from church. And dont get me wrong I have so much fun and enjoyed every birthday. But this year I am opting out of the parties just so I can get some money to buy my self some new clothes that I desperatley need! I added a few pictures of some things I am thinking of purchasing at Forever 21. But one place I really want to go is The Garmet District. I havent been there in years and I think it will be fun to go check it out again with a couple of my friends and my husband and daughter and go shopping. What do you think? Have an Ideas of what I can do for my birthday?

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