Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tip to Spice up the OLD HOOP earing

As you can see I have two ear hole piercings. Now I usualy always wear a hoop earing. Its been my trait since JR. High School. Don't know why but it has. Well now that Im getting older I still love my Hoops dont get me wrong but I want to spice things up a bit. So I have learned to be creative! And by that I mean utalizing my second ear piercing to do so. This has been the new thing for me now a days. Take my Hoop earing and place it in the first piercing and take a piece like the one shown above and place it in the second piercing. Now when I have my hair down and in front of my ear it looks like one earing. Ive been really digging thedangling earings, leaves and feather earings. I think next I will buy me a peacock feather earing and put that in the secong piercing to add some funk to it all. If you have two piercings I encourage you to try it. Be creative. Add some YOU to your plain old hoop earings. Hope you liked this, Hope it was helpful. GOD BLESS.