Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So I went to Sallys Beauty Supply this weekend and picked up a couple of items. I got some hair dye, a flat iron (My Christmas present from my HUBBY which i deperatley needed) and two China Glaze nail polishes. Now I have never owned a china glaze nail polish before but have read alot of good things about them and saw a lot of you tube videos raving about them so i thought i would check them out. Well luckily the nail polishes were 2 for $10.00 at Sallys so I bought two. The first one I got is "Heart of Africa" which is the deep red shown above. The second color I got is "Your Touch" which is the soft peachy gold color. Please excuse my hands as I have manly hands but I posted pictures of the colors on my nails for a better idea of how they look out of the bottle. I thought these were perfect for this Season. I actually am very impressed with the ware of these polishes. I put the colors on yesterday without a top coat and it is still on my fingers today. Usually my nail polish would be all chipped already. Seeing that I washed dishes and took a long shower yesterday with this nail polish on its still running strong. Loving them! Do you like my ring? My friend bought it for me last Christmas. Check out her blog "Our Journey". She is a great writer. Love you Christy :). Well I hope you liked this post. Take care have a great Christmas and a Blessed Weekend and remember, It's not all about the gifts you give and receive but about the birth of Jesus Christ and that is the ultimate Christmas Gift. Knowing he died on the cross for our sins so that we may be set free! AMEN THANK YOU JESUS! GOD BLESS.