Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So I took my sister shopping this weekend to find her some maternity pants. Yes "maternity" as in "pregnant" and we first looked in K-MART since I was there picking up a layaway. And to my suprise they didnt have a maternity clothing section. We were like okay thats cool. I figured we would go to Wal-mart since I had to pick up a few things anyways. So we go and we are looking everywhere. So I ask one of the workers if they had a maternity section and she said no they took it out! I was like WHAT? and the lady was like I know, I guess they don't think women get pregnant anymore or they don't want any women to get pregnant anymore. I thought that was funny. So by that time i was already over shopping. I couldnt believe that Wal-Mart out of everyone didn't even have a maternity section. But luckily we remembered Target did. So we went to Target and they had like only one or two options for Maternity Jeans. Now my sister is short and all of these pants were extremely long. So we just said forget the jeans and we bought her some velour pants instead. Man I hope that if I ever get pregnant again that I dont get too big to where I cant fit into the pants I have now because its a brutal world out there for pregnant women on a budget.

One good thing that came out of going to Wal-Mart is that I found these really cute L.e.i. boots for sale. They are $35.00 and I think they are fabulous! They looked so cute over my skinny ripped jeans I bought at Charlotte Russe. I never buy shoes at Wal-Mart but these are good quality and very very cute. Check out your local Wal-Mart for this Hot Buy. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and Have an awesome blessed week.