Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Forever 21 Must haves

So I was browsing through Forever 21 website and I couldnt help but notice there was so much stuff that caught my eye! No seeing that I am pregnant I have to watch what I buy because I dont know how long I will be able to wear anything. And personally I don't like Maternity Clothes lol. So the shorts and Skirt might be a problem to get but the tops I can work with! I am loving the first off the shoulder sweatshirt top. It is totally my style. As you can tell by the clothes I picked my style is kind of all over the place. I dont have one particular style. I like femanine and yet I like edgy. I love my black, whites and greys but I love bright florecent colors! Let me know what you guys like. I would love to hear or see them! Have a Uniquely Awesome Day. GOD BLESS!

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