Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February Favorites

So March is here and it is now time for my February Favorites. First on my list is Softlips in Vanilla. I LOVE THIS STUFF! The vanilla just smells and "tastes" lol so good.
Then I have the Mary Kay Lip Mask. This stuff works wonders! You leave it on for a couple of minutes before whiping it off. This exfoliates your lips and takes off all the dead skin making them beautiful!
Then of course I have Palmers Cocoa Butter creams because you all know I am expecting. :) So this will be my best friend for the next year or so lol. But honestly I also use it on parts of my face that are extremely dry overnight and it is healing it quickly. I love this stuff. I have the jar at home which I use on my face and body and the tube in my purse which I use on my body Then I love NYX Narcissus lipstick and E.L.F Powder brush. It puts on the powder flawlessly. Well folks thats alll for me. I am out. Have a uniquely awesome day and GOD BLESS.

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