Monday, March 8, 2010

Ring of the Day

I went to my sisters babyshower last weekend and this lady was there who sells homemade jewlery. My sisters Mother in law had previously bought this ring from her and as soon as I saw it and tried it on I had to have it! Unfortunatley the lady didnt have her jewlery with her so I put my order in! I got it yesterday at my nephews Birthday party. I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT! It was $10.00 and the band is stretchy so it will fit any finger comfortably. The roundness of the actual front fits nice too because the circle curves in to fit your finger so it is not sticking out and picking you or someone else. lol. I also puchased another ring yesterday which I will wear and post tomorrow. I love handmade homemade stuff, especially jewlery! Im a sucker for it. It's somehting I have always wanted to do for a hobby. Well I hope you enjoyed this short little post. Have a Uniquely Awesome day. GOD BLESS.
*REMEMBER: Put GOD first Always!

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